Daily/Weekly Bookkeeping

Daily/weekly bookkeeping includes transactional data entry as well as all the services listed below wrapped into a package deal. 


Reconciliation is done on a monthly basis and is a monthly check and balance that is important in finding missing transactions or finding checks that have not been cashed that have been written. It is also a time to see if there are any fraudulent charges if the bank is not monitored on a daily basis. Accounts that should be reconciled are bank accounts, loan accounts, and credit card accounts. 

Ideal For: Any small business who wants a second set of eyes to reconcile to make sure all accounts are good and clean. 

Payroll Clients

Payroll can be a hassle for the small business owner who doesn't have the time to sit and do the data entry and make sure it is all correct. We can help with the process and take the stress off of you as the business owner. We can also assist in employer tax payments and 1099 contractor payments. 

Ideal For: Employers who pay both 1099 employees and W2 employees.

Monthly Financial Reports

Monthly Financial reports are a great asset to the small business to see where they stand on a monthly basis financially. With a monthly report, you are able to see what expenses went out compared to the income. This is a great tool to use for job profitability as well. We can help break it out per job to show profitability on each individual job.


Ideal For: Construction companies who want to know if they are being profitable on their jobs or if they are underestimating at the beginning stages of the job.  

AIA Billing

Being in the construction industry we all know and some dread the AIA billing format. We have extensive experience with AIA Billing and can assist with this on a monthly basis. Accurate and timely. 

Ideal For: Construction companies that have General Contractors who pay off of AIA Billing format.   

Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable

Accounts Receivable and Payable are sometimes overwhelming when it is just you as the owner, or maybe you have grown so much that you are needing another hand to help, but not full time. Totally Booked can help with either AR or AP or both! Collection calls and chasing money are frustrating, let us handle getting the AR down so you can see the money coming in on time. 

Certified Payroll Reporting

Some construction jobs require certified payroll reporting on a monthly basis, we are trained in using software/internet sites such as Elations & eMars to submit certified payroll electronically. For those jobs that require an old fashion certified payroll report, we can assist there too!