Company Set-Up

Company set-up will put all of your receipts, transactions, and data into accounting software for easy access and streamlining data entry for future ease. 

Ideal For: The small construction business owner who has been doing it all and realizes it is taking too much time out of their day that should be focused on growing the business.

Training to Keep Books Up-To-Date

Training to keep your books up-to-date will ensure your books stay clean and organized. Training typically takes 1-2 weeks and is one on one with the employee. Whether it is QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online or Xero Accounting, we can help train your employees!

Ideal For: A new employee who knows just the basics and is willing to learn more in-depth to become more of an asset to the company. 

One Time Clean-Up of Current Books

Our one Time clean-up of current books is an in-depth cleaning and organizing of your current set of books. We understand things happen and maybe things have been pushed to the back burner and gotten forgotten about, this service will bring you back up to speed and make sure there are no transactions left out or miscategorized. 

Ideal For: The busiest small business owner whose time has flown by and hasn't touched their books more than an hour or so a week. Things are piled up, quickly entered into the software or the numbers are just not adding up.

Notary Services

Why does anyone need a notarized document? Documents are notarized to deter fraud and to ensure proper execution. ... The Notary Public officiates at the signing and ensures that the documents are signed correctly. The notary makes sure that the signers are entering into agreements knowingly and willingly.


We offer these services to small business owners as a resource, most construction billing is in AIA Billing format which requires a notary signature and stamp.